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Tubular and Conical Parts

Tubular parts are made either from standard ready-made tubes or from sheet metal using special types of tooling. Stepped tubes or tubes with customized perforations are made from sheet metal.
Applications include silencers for power gensets and mufflers for automotive use.

Conical parts are made from round blanks using spinning process.
Secondary operations involving punching, piercing, slot cutting, trimming etc. are carried out subsequently. The materials used are Stainless Steel, Aluminum etc.
Applications are for centrifuges and seperators in the food processing, marine industries.

Large conical bowl for Centrifuge and Separator Large conical bowl for Centrifuge and Separator
Small conical bowl Small conical bowl
Perforated Tube and Pipe Perforated Tube and Pipe
Formed aluminum pipe Formed aluminum pipe