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San Stampings Pvt. Ltd.

SAN Stampings sheet metal press part products
San Stampings Pvt. Ltd. established in 1984 is a manufacturing services company located in the Automotive capital of India, Pune serving the needs of a variety of industries domestically and internationally.


Our sheet metal press part products are made from ferrous as well as non-ferrous materials through several operations such as blanking, forming and bending. We employ innovative techniques for producing a range of tubular and conical products such as perforated pipes and cones with asymmetric patterns. Flat and formed parts are assembled together using riviting, welding etc. to form sub-assemblies and finished products.


Our services are customized to the specific requirements of the client. The focus is on creating value through optimal use of resources. We offer a range of Manufacturing Process Outsourcing (MPO) models from outright product sale to dedicated factory-outside-factory model.